On the 28 February 2015, a Hands of Hope team of four embarked on a journey to Vietnam to provide an oral health education program to school kids aged between 6-11. This was done in partnership with Hands of Hope and through our local contacts in Vietnam, Peter and Ruth Truing.

While at Can Gio island, our team packed 14000 practice packs and gift packs, each consisting of water, cups, vitamin C tablets, milk, toothpaste, toothbrushes and face towels. Arriving at the first school, kids filed the open area in front of the school, excitedly looking at the “foreigners” who had come. Children were taught some theory on diet, frequency of brushing and how to brush. Then it was onto the practical. We quickly realised that these kids do not know how to hold their toothbrushes, let alone how to do the “circular motion” of brushing. Hand on hand practice was required, so volunteers went down the lines, providing guidance to each child. The team made it to 3 schools in total.

In total, we reached approximately 1,400 children – equipping them with basic oral health care disciplines, and providing each child with:

  • a practice pack (containing toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottle, cup and face towel); and
  • a gift pack (containing toothbrush, toothpaste, milk, vitamin C)


$5AUD to Change A Nation

On further calculation and reflection, it cost $5AUD to give 1 child the education, the gift, and the message that God loved them. The donation and support we received went beyond just showing a child how to brush teeth, but hopefully one step closer to changing a nation.