Christmas 4 Kids, themed “Around the World”, was held on 7 December 2013 at Unidus Community Centre.

It was attended by over 700 people. All the children were well entertained with a wide variety of activities for every age, including laser tag, jumping castle and range of ‘old favourites’ such as fishing games, shoot the cans, pin the llama, tic-tac-toe and memory games.

A highlight of Christmas 4 Kids was the musical, which portrayed the theme of true joy versus non-lasting joy, an apt theme for the Christmas season. Families were treated to food from various cultures in keeping with the “Around the World” theme, as a way to celebrate the multicultural society we live in.

Hampers that were generously donated by members of Hope Church Brisbane were prepared and given out to over 30 families to bless them during Christmas time. Our local politicians, such as Mr Anthony Shorten, Member for Algester, Cr Angela Owen-Taylor, Parkinson Ward and Cr Milton Dick, Richlands Ward all generously donated hampers too. Many of the hampers went to families who were doing it tough, so we were glad this simple gesture brought a spark to their Christmas!

All in all, it was a fun-filled, love-filled day, with an atmosphere of joy.