Ever wished that you lived in a better neighbourhood? You can make your wish come true! By being a better neighbour, your neighbourhood will benefit and get better – and so will you. Here are 10 practical ways to become a better neighbour:

1. When walking or driving in your street, always observe your surroundings. If you notice anything suspicious, alert your neighbours.

2. Always SMILE and wave at your neighbours, no matter how busy you are. It may well make their day and at least cheer them up!

3. When someone new moves into your street, walk over (it may be best to go with a family member or a neighbour) to introduce yourself and ask if you can help them. Share important information, like the bin pickup day for your street.

4. If you’re going to have a gathering or party that may get loud, let your neighbours know in advance. You can print the details down on paper and slip it into their letterbox, identifying who you are.

5. Respect your neighbours’ privacy. Offer your help but don’t ask personal questions. Be concerned but never be nosy.

6. Keep your front yard (if you have one) reasonably neat and tidy. This will encourage and remind your neighbours to do the same.

7. If you have plants in your front yard, make sure they are not poisonous to pets. You wouldn’t want your neighbour’s beloved dog, Max, to end up at the vet after a visit to your yard.

8. Make an effort to learn about your neighbour’s culture, if it’s different from yours.

9. Be tolerant towards your neighbours who may be a little noisier or messier than you would like.

10. Read up about Neighbour Day, which will be on Sunday, 27th March 2022. There are attractive digital resources on the Relationships Australia | Achieving positive and respectful relationships website that you can use to reach out to your neighbours

By Maureen Yeow