School holidays have begun! This Easter break, Hope Church collaborated with Scripture Union through its school chaplains to host its inaugural Easter Holiday Camp. Happening from 30 March to 1 April at Unidus Community Centre, we saw 19 children attending the camp and being treated to an array of fun activities and meaningful content.

The theme was ‘Super Hero’. Building on the theme of superheroes, we were unpacking the attributes of a superhero and who can be a superhero, and how Jesus is our greatest superhero of all! The three days were filled with hours of endless fun and games for the children! Making full use of the space available at the community center, children were treated to activities like slip n slide, egg and spoon, four corners, poison ball and many other energizer games. On the final day, one of the activities was building your own superhero accessories using recycled materials – the children (and chappies!) let their imagination run wild with this! We wrapped up the camp with a final performance with the presence of parents and guardians, and action-packed songs like Jesus is My Superhero.

We thank the 11 chaplains and 7 Hope Church volunteers, who tirelessly loved, supported, played, challenged and cared for every child who came!