With the COVID situation easing in Queensland, life is slowly getting back to normal. However, many families are still struggling with a diminished economy. Salt and Light Food Relief Program (SLFR) besides delivering food parcels to the less mobile, also distributes food every Thursday to groups mostly made up of migrants, people who were laid off during the COVID situation, international students, etc. Each week, at least 15 to 20 families or individuals have benefitted from the Thursday’s distribution. One such individual is a 75-year-old retired chef, Jenny.

Jenny used to work as a chef in a local prison, where she taught inmates how to cook. However, due to a knee injury, her work was put to a halt three years ago. She came to know about Thursday’s distribution from her daughter who came across a Facebook post by Sunrise day-care. In the five weeks, she has been with SLFR Program, she has in turned blessed many others in her community. The food she collects, she prepares and delivers them to the less mobile in the community she lives in. One such beneficiary is a gentleman who suffers from polio and is not able to cook, what more head out to get groceries. When asked if there were ways to help her, she said “It is times like this that we have to show kindness and care for others. I am doing it because I want to.”

If you are interested in volunteering or making donations, do contact Ezmond at (07) 37140315 or at info@handsofhope.org.au. Help is always welcome!









By Jerome Ng