Bringing Up Great Kids - Parenting Teens

Your teenager can bring immense joy, hope, and excitement, but they can also introduce confusion and disappointment. This period is unique for each family member, with evolving roles and responsibilities for your teenager. They may become more self-centered, question authority, test their own influence within the family, and desire independence prematurely.

Bringing up Great Kids (BUGK) – Parenting Teens is an empowering parenting workshop dedicated to assisting parents in comprehending and navigating the intricate world of adolescence. With a focus on fostering understanding of the unique challenges and transitions adolescents face, this program equips parents with invaluable insights and tools for nurturing healthy, resilient young adults.

Our BUGK program is delivered by experienced and qualified facilitator from Relationships Australia QLD in a small, engaging and relaxed environment.

This is a FREE program. Booking essential. Please register your interest here. 


2023 Course Details

13, 20, 27 October & 3 November (Fridays)

Time: 10 am to 12 pm

Location: Unidus Community Centre, 204 Sherbrooke Road, Willawong.

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Who is this for?

This is for ALL parents and caregivers of children aged 12-17 years old. Many parents aspire to guide their teens through this phase, ultimately seeing them evolve into content, compassionate, and self-reliant young adults. If that’s you, this program is for YOU! 

What are the topics covered in this program?

Week 1: The adolescent brain – a renovation zone!

Week 2: Adolescent behaviour

Week 3: An understanding of effective communication and the potential barriers.

Week 4: Adolescent view of themselves versus parent’s perspective of their adolescent.

Do I have to attend all 4 sessions?

No. There are FOUR stand-alone topics for you to choose from. You’ll only need to register for session/s that are relevant to you.

How will this help you as a parent?

The Bringing Up Great Kids’ Parenting Adolescents program supports parents and carers to:

  • learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective;
  • identify the important messages they want to convey to their adolescent and how to achieve this;
  • learn more about brain development during the adolescent period and its influence on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour;
  • explore the meaning and context behind adolescents’ behaviours, and how to respond to the underlying feelings and needs;
  • explore new ways of communicating with adolescents;
  • discover ways for parents to take care of themselves and to find support when they need it and practice self-compassion
What should I expect from the classes?

We provide a small group of 8-10 participants. Our facilitator ensures a warm and relaxed environment for personal reflections and group discussion during the class. Being in a group offers a confidential space where you can share your struggles and parenting concerns and learn from others experiencing similar challenges.

This DVD educational program presents video examples of parent/child interaction, healthy options in caregiving and animated graphics to explain how to have a safe and nurturing relationship with your children.