Meet Rosalind, one of our faithful Hope Pantry volunteers. You can catch Rosalind in Unidus on Tuesdays or Thursdays, busy packing food parcels or loading her car with food to give away. We asked the ever-smiling and cheerful Rosalind to share her experiences:



Tell us about yourself and your role in Hope Pantry.

I’ve just graduated with a Master’s in Nursing. I’ve enjoyed helping people since I was little. When Hands of Hope asked for volunteers to deliver food parcels under the Salt and Light (now known as Hope Pantry) program, I jumped at the chance. I assemble food parcels and drive them to the homes of recipients who need the food but don’t have transport to collect it themselves.

What have you learned and gained as a volunteer for Hope Pantry?

I have gained new friends for sure! I am blessed to have built friendships with our food recipients. They have opened up to me so I have even been able to pray for them. I learned that sharing the gospel can be done by giving practical help to the community. How good it is that people can encounter and experience God’s love through what I do. Oh, and I’ve made new friends among the volunteers too. We have such a great time together, serving God and people.

Tell us of your most enjoyable moment as a Hope Pantry volunteer.

After the recent floods in Brisbane, some people donated children’s clothes to Hands of Hope. I took some of the clothes to a family with several children. The children were so happy to see the clothes that I had brought for them. I also had a food parcel for them which included an iced cake. It so happened that one of the children was celebrating a birthday that week. It was so rewarding to see them smiling and laughing. I love kids so that meant a lot to me.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in being a volunteer for Hope Pantry?

Just go for it! You never know what impact it will have on someone’s life. Your service will mean a lot to a person that needs help. God can use you to bless others in practical ways and demonstrate His love for them.