Meet Dee – Our Community Educator

Hands of Hope organised the first Circle of Security Program in May to June 2022. It was a huge success, thanks to the overwhelming response from participants and the kind and compassionate instructor/facilitator, Dee Lim. We interviewed Dee to get to know her a little better:

Question: Tell us about your professional background and what you do, Dee.

Dee: I have a social work degree from NUS in Singapore. I have been working in Relationships Australia (add link here) for 15 years. I am currently a Community Educator, providing training and running programs in organizations like schools, churches and neighbourhood groups. Besides the Circle of Security Program, I also conduct another program for newly arrived refugees. This program covers parenting in Australia and is aimed at multicultural communities. We provide information about the legal, education and welfare system in Australia so that they know where to go to for further support.


Question: What do you think are the main challenges facing parents today?

With the increasing use of the Internet, parents may find it hard to supervise children’s usage or prevent possible addiction to computer games. Some are unsure on how to control their children’s behaviour around use of the Internet. Parents may find it challenging to assert their authority and take charge of the situation.

Parents are often time-poor, often juggling parenting with work, caring for aged parents and various other responsibilities. As a result, there is little time for self-care. They may feel guilty at doing something for themselves. However, lack of self-care can lead to mental and emotional distress.

Meet Our Team – Sheryl Chua

National Volunteer Week is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering and will be held on 16-22 May 2022. Volunteers are vital to the success of non-profit organisations in Australia. Hands of Hope is no exception – our activities are run by loving, faithful and hardworking volunteers. Talking of loving, faithful and hardworking, let’s meet Sheryl, one of our volunteers who is all that and more.

Question: We’d love to know you better, Sheryl. Tell us about yourself.

I’m currently working full-time as a support worker. I come from Singapore and have a double degree in Behavioural Science and Justice from QUT. My childhood dream was to be a police officer. I love bushwalking, running – anything to do with the outdoors, really! And I enjoy listening to music.

Question: What do you do for Hands of Hope?

I started out packing and delivering food parcels in the Salt and Light (now known as Hope Pantry) program. I’m also a volunteer for Good Neighbours, helping out in activities for this program which brings Pallara residents together.

Question: You have a full-time job, yet make time to volunteer regularly with Hands of Hope. Why?

It’s because my passion is helping people in need of all ages and cultures. I’ve met so many interesting people when delivering food parcels! Learnt a lot from them, especially from mothers doing it tough. I’m able to understand and do so much just by listening to people. I’m glad when I can help them. If I can’t, I introduce them to another organisation that will.

Want to make an impact in the community and meet some new friends, just as Sheryl did? Join our Volunteer Team to make an impact in our community! Click this link to find out how you can make a difference.