There were so many amazing people who volunteered to make the Christmas Fiesta happen for not just one, but for both weekends. From the organisers to the clean-up crew, each event was held together by the hands of the community for their communities.

Angel Chu volunteered in this year’s Christmas Fiesta Event in both Willawong and St Lucia. Here’s her experience:

  • What was volunteering for the Christmas Fiesta like?

Being a Kid’s Activities volunteer, I got to help with running the games and helping the kids, family and friends to enjoy themselves. I also got to enjoy the extraordinary carolling performance after the booths closed.

  • What was the difference between the two events?

With the much bigger outdoor area in Willawong, it was a relatively spacious and quiet carnival for many families to enjoy a relaxing family fun time. The Auditorium was also very well equipped, providing an excellent performance experience. At UQ, it was much more crowded with the limited space, with all the kids mainly around the same area. However, it excited the atmosphere, encouraging more people to go around and keep trying out different games.

  • What was the best part of Christmas Fiesta in general?

It has been too long since I’ve been at any big community event. The best part is seeing so many different families, parents, kids or young adults genuinely having fun and enjoying the day, whether it be the games or the performance.

We are so grateful for Volunteers like Angel, who took the time to create an event that gives the community the opportunity to start the Christmas holidays. It is a testament to not having the Christmas Fiesta be a joy for those attending but also for those behind the scenes.

Stay tuned for our 2023 Christmas Fiesta volunteering opportunities here.